The Poland-Estonia educational forum was held on April 15, 2021. It was attended by representatives of business, education and diplomacy from Estonia and Poland.  The Institute of European Thought was invited to present a panorama of Polish education and present the challenges it faces. The founders of the Institute of European Thought and their invited experts presented the individual components of this extensive presentation. The event was met with great interest and answered many questions from the Estonian side. As a result of such a positive response, further meetings and workshops will be held during which the Institute will continue the dialogue aimed at improving the quality of education – based on best examples and best global standards.

Similar thanks were given to other Institute representatives involved in the preparation of the conference

Agenda for the meeting

 01.00 PM – 01.15 PM CET

Introductory remarks: Martin Roger, Ambassador of Estonia in Poland

Birgit Lao, Diplomatic Representative for Education

01.15 PM – 01.30 PM CET

 Max Bojarski Chairman of the Board of Founders of the Institute of European Thought (IME). Member of the European AI Alliance at the European Commission. Institute of European Thought | Institute of European Thought Foundation (

– Polish education system

– What opportunities can the Polish educational market offer Estonian innovative solutions and educational organizations?

 01.25 PM – 01.40 PM CET Agnieszka Perska, co-founder, co-owner and director of several private kindergartens and nurseries of the European Academy of Children and Baby Academy

Polish education system – Preschools

– Industry opportunities – Preschools

– PEAD European Academy for Kids – a case study

01.40 PM – 01.50 PM CET Ania Szkolut, co-founder of the Institute of European Thought (IME) architect and interior designer, lecturer at the Faculty of Architecture and Postgraduate Studies in Urban Planning, Urban Greenery and Biophilic Design. She focuses on the design of elementary schools.

– Elementary schools

– Space for education in Poland – how it works

– opportunities – space to work, locations and elementary schools

01:50 PM – 02:05 PM CET Dr Karolina Watras, Headmaster, Akademeia High School

Scholarship holder of the United World Colleges at Cheltenham Ladies’ College and graduate of two Cambridge colleges (Christ’s and Jesus) and the Courtauld Institute of Art in London. Dr. Watras has worked at the University of Cambridge as a supervisor and associate lecturer in the Department of Art History, acting director of studies at Jesus and Trinity Colleges, and course leader at the Institute of Continuing Education.

– Polish education system – Polish middle/junior high schools

Tallinn, Estonia
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