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The European Views Institute (EVI)
Nowy Świat 33st /13
00-029 Warsaw / Poland

e-mail: sekretariat@fime.pl

Idea Box

We are creative. We have a lot of a new ideas that will change our lives and others lives for the better.

What would happen if somebody could look at each of yours ideas, treat it seriously and analyse the prospect benefits? Together we can make your ideas real!

The areas in which our Institute operates require constant improvement, following the world constant challenges as well as the proper management of people’s expectations.

We’re open to the new ideas.

How can the Idea Box help us – by taking your ideas into the reality?

The idea box helps to combine the creativity and action together. Absolutely anyone, can submit an idea (according to the IVE core focus areas of interest).

How does it work?

Fill out the form. To do this, download the trial file to your desktop/disk/computer and then design the trial version according to the scheme of the form. As the second step when the rail version will be ready, go back to the main page, fill out and submit the final online version of the form.

It’s up to you to decide whether you’re working with a “trail version” first and then enter the information online, or if you prefer to start with the final online version of the form straight away.

Reading the individual parts of the form, fill in the fields as described, please try to be as accurate as you can. Take your time. It’s up to you how you’ll present your idea. According to the provided information we will, read, review it and recommend the next steps.

Your idea described in the form will be evaluated, by the relevant working group of our Institute and recommended to take it into action!

As the next step, we’ll contact you (according to the contact details of the form) in addition we’ll provide feedback about your idea and inform you about the next steps.

At the moment, the form is only in Polish. We are considering developing an English version in the future.

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