The Institute of European Thought (IET)


The Institute of European Thought (IET)
Kamionkowska 9/99
03-805 Warsaw / Poland


As part of our activities, the Institute of European Thought “Populum Liberum” actively strives to transform society through example and initiating social debate. We inspire actions towards a sustainable world, focusing on addressing global trends in sustainable development and achieving SDG goals and ESG criteria.

Our goal is not only to raise society’s awareness but also to actively engage individuals in shaping the future of a sustainable world. We achieve this by organizing and participating in social debates, conferences, and seminars that enable the exchange of thoughts and experiences. We also tackle challenges related to current global trends, focusing on sustainable development areas.

We aim for the mentioned eco-development, integrating innovation and responsibility in all aspects of social life. Our work encompasses the economy, society, and the natural environment. We support the idea of a circular economy, promote sustainable energy, support the digitization process, including the development of artificial intelligence, promote the bioeconomy, and develop society’s resilience to changes and threats.

Through these initiatives, we seek to steer society’s development towards a more sustainable and integrated world, where innovation goes hand in hand with responsibility, and individual actions contribute to the global good. The tools that serve us in achieving these tasks include broadly understood education, research activities, and publishing.

We take pride in our annual organization of a comprehensive training cycle called the “Sustainability Leadership Academy,” which is aimed at individuals eager to change the world for the better.