The Institute of European Thought (IET)


The Institute of European Thought (IET)
Nowy Świat 33st /13
00-029 Warsaw / Poland


About Us

Our main aim is to promote the idea of a conscious, free and self-governing democratic community through educational programs that support the idea of a sustainable development.

The Institute of European Thought (IET) “Populum Liberum” (IET) is an organization promoting the values which constitute the foundation of the European Community, uniting nations and setting the direction of the future development.

These values are: peace, freedom, tolerance, justice, humanism, solidarity, work and care for the natural environment of a man.

The task of IET is to constantly raise the rank of these values, defend them and promote them by the activities specified in the Foundation’s Statute. Our tasks will be implemented by the following actions: education in general, research and publishing.

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