Projects executed by participants during the 3rd edition of SLA

ESG Municipal Academy

ESG Municipal Academy – the winning project of the third edition of the Sustainability Leadership Academy. It’s a comprehensive training program on sustainable development for urban municipalities in Silesia (with the aim of expanding its activities in the future). The training scope is tailored to the needs of local governments, covering sustainable transportation, waste management, and ESG reporting principles and legal regulations. The program offers certificates, consultancy, and support for municipalities during the implementation of changes. A great project that aims to initiate changes starting from the most polluted region in Poland.


Eco-Caffe – the project aims to establish a network of eco-cafes in urban-rural and rural municipalities. Eco-Caffe promotes zero-waste ecological business, connects cafes with local suppliers of fresh products (such as fruits, vegetables, honey, cheese), and supports the local community through various activities and meetings. The network of eco-cafes contributes to the development of the local community, revitalization of public and cultural spaces, and promotion of sustainable development in smaller centers.

SLA3 projekty

PROrowerowi Biking Master

PROrowerowi Biking Master – the project emerged as a response to well-known problems of today’s world:

  • commuting difficulties to work/home
  • deteriorating physical and mental health
  • polluted environment

The project takes the form of an application for companies, where kilometers traveled by employees on bicycles are tracked, leading to CO2 reduction. In addition to the mentioned results, employers’ efforts to popularize cycling as a means of transportation will also be evaluated. The motto guiding the entire project is: “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.”

Smart Shopping – Healthy Eating

Smart Shopping – Healthy Eating is an application addressing the issue of food waste. Its main principles include:

  • saving money through ready-made recipes and precise quantities of products that can be ordered
  • waste reduction by eliminating unnecessary packaging
  • shopping convenience
  • meal plan personalization

The project also involves implementing a social campaign targeting users aged 50+, focusing on educating them about ESG and teaching them how to use the application.


Event took place at the Warsaw Stock Exchange