The Comprehensive Pandemic Prevention Monitoring System

This project aims to locate, observe, and inform people about areas with a high risk of new disease outbreaks through an application and a map highlighting vulnerable locations. It particularly focuses on areas inhabited by wildlife, as in the vast majority of diseases, it’s wild animals or insects that have contributed to past pandemics. The main goal of this project is to protect people from epidemics and ensure safety.

The Comprehensive Pandemic Prevention Monitoring System” project received the highest evaluation in the first edition of the Sustainability Leadership Academy. The winners presented this idea during the international ecological summit Carbon Footprint Summit 2021.

The Thermal Monitoring System

The project aimed to create thermal cameras in crowded places like subways to check body temperature. The goal was to collect data and inform about diseases. The cameras’ actions are to display health status – color indicating normal temperature or fever – without capturing faces to protect privacy. The collected data will also be used for research and national statistics.

SLA3 projekty

Metro Gates

The project involves creating innovative metro gates to effectively combat pandemics by monitoring the body temperature of people entering subway stations. Equipped with advanced thermal sensors, the gates will accurately measure the body temperature of each person passing through. In case of a high temperature, the gate will automatically notify station staff, enabling them to take appropriate preventive measures, such as directing the person for medical examination or denying entry to the station. The metro gates will be designed for speed and efficiency to minimize disruptions to passenger traffic. They will also be user-friendly and ensure a high level of safety for station users. The project aims to create an additional layer of protection against the spread of infectious diseases, such as COVID-19, in densely populated areas like metro stations.


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