The grand finale of the second edition of the “Sustainability Leadership Academy” program is here!

Balloons, Jupiter-like glow, and a champagne atmosphere were all present at the grand finale gala concluding the “Sustainability Leadership Academy” program!

On Thursday, August 25th, at the Warsaw School of Business, participants presented their final projects prepared during the program. Five groups showcased five exceptional ideas for sustainable development initiatives. After each presentation, a panel of experts evaluated the projects.

Adding to the academy’s atmosphere of gamification, the event concluded with the announcement of results and the ceremonial awarding of prizes to the program participants. The positive atmosphere was further enhanced by the academy coordinator, Usamah Afifi, announcing the start of the third edition of the SLA program.

After the excitement subsided, everyone present enjoyed refreshments, accompanied by long conversations over glasses of wine.

For the second time in organizing the SLA program, we succeeded in raising awareness among young people in the field of sustainable development, which we addressed through the four pillars: technology, personal development, entrepreneurship, and society. By imparting ESG competencies, we aim to highlight the importance of this foundation for a better future, contributing to overall well-being.

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