The third edition of the Sustainability Leadership Academy has concluded!

The grand finale took place at the Warsaw Stock Exchange on December 4, 2023. Participants of this program attended dozens of training meetings led by experts from various fields of science, ecology, business, and law. Sustainability Leadership Academy 3 aimed to create projects focusing on the main principles of ESG. Work on these projects lasted for 7 months, after which they were presented at the final gala, where the jury meticulously and demandingly evaluated them.

The project themed “ESG Municipal Academy” emerged as the winner, focusing on creating training sessions on sustainable development for municipalities, aimed at raising awareness among the society.

Sustainability Leadership Academy 3 was a time of change and development. We can proudly mention lectures given by Prof. Dr. hab. Jerzy Hausner on “Regenerative governance transformation,” as well as Joanna Erbel discussing “The action of developmental cooperatives and economic democracy as tools for building urban resilience.” Workshops during SLA 3 were also conducted by experts such as Dr. Maciej Kawecki, Dawid Zieliński (President of Columbus Energy), Aureliusz Leżeński (President of the Robinson Foundation), and many others.

During the final gala, the President of the Lions Warsaw Foundation, Michał Wigurski, stated, “Elements influencing sustainable development in the social sphere are essential to develop the world so that no one feels excluded and everyone can derive value from the world around us in the right way.”

On the other hand, the President of IME, Mariusz Borkowski, mentioned, “What matters in creating such events are not the funds, but the willingness to share experiences through such actions. This is how we become better leaders, managers, and better people.”

We were delighted to host Marek Dietl, the President of the Warsaw Stock Exchange, at the gala. Additionally, our evening gala was enriched by the visit of District Governor 121 – Hanna Sobiech, and we were honored by the performance of Natalia Lesz!

It was an exceptional evening full of joy, conversations, and new ideas. And we invite you to the Sustainability Leadership Academy 4 in the summer of 2024!