On 15 March 2021, the anniversary of the lockdown announcement, the Institute of European Thought Foundation became a partner of the 1st edition of the Good Practices Congress.

Throughout the event, 104 panelists took part in 22 panels, more than 14 hours of live coverage were produced, of which 2 panels were moderated by representatives of the Institute for European Thought.

The Congress answered many questions and problems of the executives, especially important in the face of the prolonged lockdown.

 The Institute of European Thought took care of two panels listed below:

 “Best Practices through the Eyes of Digital Transformation and Organizational Change Management”.

The panel was moderated by Founder, Chairman of the Institute Board Usamah Afifi, who together with the guests discussed innovative solutions, partly necessitated by the covid-19 pandemic. The panelists talked about the changes in their organizations and how they dealt with the challenges, how their companies adapted to the changing environment, and how digital transformations were implemented under accelerated conditions.

“Social crisis, image crisis – how to deal with it?”

The second panel held by the Institute concerned the impact of the epidemic situation in the area of image crisis. Panel moderator Founder, member of the Supervisory Board of the Institute of European Thought Marek Białek together with guests tried to answer questions whether Covid-19 caused an increase in social and institutional crises. They discussed the impact of electronic media, which have developed so well in the era of the epidemic, on the increase of crises. Participants shared their experiences on this issue, shared their own proven methods for dealing with crisis, both in the area of personal crisis and corporate crisis.

Summary of this panel: https://www.linkedin.com/posts/marek-bia%C5%82ek-269a555b_kryzys-activity-6778014485073461248-LhrS

The Congress proved to be an excellent opportunity for members of the Institute of European Thought Foundation and leading managers of Polish business to exchange views.