On May 22, 2024, the first strategic-operational meeting of the Foundation – Institute of European Thought took place at the Warsaw University of Technology. Today, we are honored to share the conclusions of this meeting with you.

Starting from May 22, 2024, we have implemented a project work standard across the entire organization to best present the results of our work on websites and social media. All participants in the Foundation’s projects have been divided into operational (functional) and project groups, each with separate task lists. The management of task lists and their quality has been entrusted to the leaders of each team.

The teams work according to an internally developed team contract, the pillars of which are: communication and feedback, timeliness, and risk reporting. They also use social media to stay in contact. Further integration will be tested during the organization of the next edition of the Sustainability Leadership Academy (SLA4). Organizing this event will be the Foundation’s priority task.

We will keep you informed about the Foundation’s future activities and the work of its leaders, including the Foundation President who organized the meeting. In particular, we will reveal the details of the SLA4 project. We encourage you to check out the photos from the meeting.

Dear All,

I am honored to present our Foundation, the Institute of European Thought, whose mission is the harmonious quality of human life in its environment and nature. We believe that present needs can be met without compromising the needs of future generations, and even adding value to their lives.

Imagine a near future: our Foundation is invited to an expert panel at the Forum in Davos and the European Economic Forum in Katowice. The Gulf countries, running out of oil resources, consult with us on strategies for transitioning to sustainable development. Our independence and ability to shape opinions on key topics, such as the eco-friendliness of electric cars or the use of wood in construction, make us valued advisors and partners in incubating key projects in society and the economy.

Our activities are based on values such as freedom and independence, innovation, operational excellence, unique value, and a strong alumni affiliation. We act according to our values, free from external influences, incubate projects, support leaders, and use the latest technologies. We are efficient and effective, delivering value to our partners and community, providing unique benefits to our members and market participants. We create an elite, ethical community, attracting the best candidates for future innovation leaders.

Our activities include organizing ESG conferences, preparing reports, carrying out consulting projects, and developing AI solutions. We cooperate with many partners who share our values and the mission of sustainable development and ESG.
We plan to diversify our projects beyond the flagship Sustainability Leadership Academy to other areas, such as launching the ESG Thinktank, organizing ESG conferences, and carrying out consulting projects aimed at raising funds for our statutory purposes.

We have established a strategic partnership with the oldest Lions Club in Poland, with which we share common values and the mission of sustainable development and ESG. Some of our members are already Lions members, and many members of the IME Board of Trustees are also Lions Club members. Together, we are developing joint plans in the field of ESG.
We currently face challenges related to recognition, fundraising, and efficiency in delivering value. I thank each of you for supporting IME and me. Thank you for your work and contribution to our common mission. I encourage you to reflect on your priorities and the mission and values you realize while working at IME. This energy motivates me to further engagement. I am determined to create a space at IME for creativity, effective work, and groundbreaking innovations within our values. It is important that we think creatively, outside the box, internationally, and humanely.
Thank you for your attention and support.

Usamah Afifi
President of the Institute of European Thought Foundation