Members of the Institute of European Thought were involved in an initiative to collect votes for the implementation of ecological protection of the park against noise and air pollution. We managed to collect 2805 votes, thanks to which the project was selected for further implementation in 2022. The author of the project is a member of the Institute: Usamah Afifi. project link:

Creating an ecological barrier made of plants – instead of traditional noise barriers – is in line with the idea of sustainable development, which is high on our list of priorities. The barrier is formed by an area with a predominance of evergreen plants, which are a natural filtering and absorbing belt of pollution. A zone of peace in the park will be created, without the need for artificial screens. This concept will perhaps allow artificial screens to be replaced in the future with more sustainable practical, aesthetic and active green areas. This will increase bio-green areas in urban and rural areas, reduce the carbon footprint and increase the quality of life for residents. 

The project has received the approval of the provincial conservator and is an important step in the revitalization of Warsaw’s beautiful Skaryszewski Park. It fits into the aesthetic and historical concept of the park.

An interesting fact is that Paderewski Park is located on the site where elections of Polish kings took place.

For the Institute of European Thought it is important to make citizens aware that their voice counts and that it is possible to realize various projects that meet sustainable goals by supporting their own initiatives. Submit your idea at the following link: